Copyright for Moodle


Important Copyright Information for Staff

You are responsible for ensuring that what you make available on Moodle is either covered by Copyright law or is permitted under one of the various licences held by the College. If you have any queries, please look at the Library’s Copyright Guide or talk to your Subject Librarian.


Creating PDFs of Copyright Materials for use in Moodle

The Library operates a service to scan print materials. These are provided to you as links which should be embedded in your Moodle module.                                         

You cannot legally scan material yourself as the Copyright Licencing Agency require us to keep records of each scan used by the College and submit this data annually.

The agreed deadlines by which requests should be submitted via the Web Form can be found on the digitisation page. This service is very busy, especially at the start of each term, so please give us as much notice as possible.

The CLA Licence that the College holds allows us to scan:

  • One chapter of a book or no more than 10% of the book, whichever is the greater
  • One article from a journal or no more than 10% of the journal, whichever is the greater
  • The item that is being scanned must to be owned by the institution


Linking to electronic resources

Our licences do not permit you to upload PDFs from electronic resources directly into Moodle. The Library can provide you with stable links to our electronic resources for your key readings – for more information please contact your Subject Librarian.

Alternatively you can create these links yourself – please see our guide. By creating stable links you will ensure that users do not encounter difficulties in accessing them from outside the College.

JISC Legal logo

Further information on Copyright from JISC Legal

Jisc Legal has produced a ‘need to know’ online training course in copyright law – designed to bring academic staff and those supporting academic staff up to speed on legally using other people’s materials in teaching and learning.  It is a standalone learning module which takes about an hour to complete and consists of some video, some audio segments, some animations and some text pages.  It is available to HE institutions in the UK to train lecture staff on the proper way to use other people’s work in their own work.


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