Enrolling students and staff in Moodle modules

How to enrol course members via SITS and directly within Moodle.

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Enrolment via SITS

Normally students are automatically enrolled on Moodle modules matching their official college enrolments in SITS. Staff can also be added to modules in SITS by adding them as Assessment Markers to the relevant MAV record.

At the moment, new users such as students who have just become enrolled for the current academic year are created in Moodle overnight. Moodle course enrolments are upated at noon daily.

Enrolment within Moodle only

You can enrol students and staff directly onto Moodle modules. Normally this would be for people who are not going to be enrolled in the module via SITS, but it is also fine if you want to do it to get people on sooner.

What you do is go in the module and to the Settings block on the bottom left.

Expand Users > click on Enrolled Users.

On the Enrolled Users page click the Enrol User button found at the top right.

Change the role if necessary - otherwise leave it as default which is Student.

Type part of the person's name and search - when you identify the correct person click the Enrol button.

Repeat for next user and when finished click Finish enrolling users.

Last modified: Thursday, 4 July 2013, 2:04 PM