Turnitin assignments that were submitted via Blackboard

Staff members will need to set up personal access via the Turnitin website instead of going to the assignments via Blackboard.

You already have an account but you need to set up a password (normally Blackboard logs you into it seamlessly and automatically).

What you need to do is go to the Turnitin UK website, www.submit.ac.uk (it is important to use this link rather than turnitin.com which is the US version).

When you first access the site click on Retrieve Password (not Create Account) at the top of the page, and follow the on screen prompts from there.

Once you are logged in, make sure you are looking at classes where you are an Instructor, not a student.

If you can't see all the modules you expect to see

As you know, Blackboard will close on 31 October and staff have been advised to archive Blackboard assignments, but not necessarily Turnitin assignments.


Turnitin assignments, generally speaking, can be accessed directly via the Turnitin website (www.submit.ac.uk) but important information has now come to light that may require some urgent action, especially in cases where assignments need to be accessible for November exam boards.


When a BLE user logs in to www.submit.ac.uk they are only able to view the ‘classes’ (Turnitin’s equivalent of a module) corresponding to the modules where they have previously accessed Turnitin through Blackboard. This is because Turnitin only becomes aware that someone is an instructor on a BLE module when they access the Turnitin assignment inbox in that module for the first time. It is only at this point the instructor gets linked to the Turnitin class.


We recommend that instructors should urgently

  • gain access to their account on www.submit.ac.uk if they have not already done so, and check what modules they can already access there (for more information see: Turnitin assignments that were submitted via Blackboard)
  • identify any other modules they think they will need access to (especially for November exam boards), and other people who will also need access
  • log in to Blackboard and go into the relevant module and access one of the assignment inboxes in it by going to CONTROL PANEL > TURNITINUK ASSIGNMENTS > click on View.
  • the class should now be added to the list showing up on www.submit.ac.uk


Bulk downloading of assignments

It is also worth noting that it is possible to bulk download Turnitin assignments from Blackboard (you can also do this in www.submit.ac.uk):

  • go to CONTROL PANEL > TURNITINUK ASSIGNMENTS > select one of the assignments by clicking on View
  • click in the top left tickbox so that you select all submissions in the inbox – a yellow toolbar appears
  • click on Download and select GradeMark Paper
Last modified: Friday, 26 October 2012, 4:04 PM