What is Stealth on a Subpage, and how is it different from Hide?

The information below explains what the Stealth icon which appears on subpages does. 

Section stealthing has been added to subpage to allow subpage creators to be able to make a section on a subpage not visible to normal enrolled course users, yet the activities contained within that section available to those users. User interface -------------- Subpage creators (course team members) will find the new subpage icon just below the normal hide/show 'eye' icon when editing is turned on. Hovering over this icon displays the words 'Stealth/Un-stealth' indicating the action when clicked. For subpage creators a stealthed section will display all text within the section in grey, unstealthing brings the text back to normal colour. For students, once a section is stealthed that section will no longer appear (in exactly the same way as if the section were hidden with the hide/show icon). However a steathed section's activities are still viewable if a link is provided, where as if the section is hidden then the activities within are not available to students. While it is possible to both hide and stealth a section, it is not recomended as it may be confusing to another course editor as to whether the section is really hidden or should be just stealthed.

Last modified: Friday, 4 October 2013, 5:41 PM