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Using Moodle on an iPad?

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Using Moodle on an iPad?
by (Moodle Administrator), Leo Havemann - Wednesday, 3 October 2012, 5:27 PM

We have received reports from students who want to read documents on an iPad and encounter a problem.



When the file display setting is set to Automatic, PDFs on Moodle are displayed within a frame on the Moodle page.

On an iPad, users can only see the first page and are not able to scroll to other pages.

This also doesn't display at all in some browsers, and is not accessible to students using a screen reader.


Workaround 1: For staff

Automatic only works for some people and is best avoided in the first place. Click the pencil icon to edit the file settings. Change the 'display' option for this resource to 'Force download' or 'Open' (when it is set to 'Automatic', this automatically selects the 'Embed' option described above).


Workaround 2: For students/all iPad users

If 'Allow theme changes in the URL' is enabled in the Theme Settings, users can force Moodle to use the mobile theme by adding &theme=mymobile at the end of the relevant link in the browser's URL box.

This will display a paperclip button in the top right corner of the resource's page to give full access to the PDF/document.

Alternatively, scrolling works with the MyMobile theme.

To switch to the MyMobile theme now, click on this link:

Moodle will stay with the theme for the duration of the session. If you log out and back in you will get the normal Birkbeck theme back. To switch back to the standard theme immediately, add &theme=default (or ?theme=default if the URL does not contain a question mark).

You can also click on this link to return to the normal theme: