Library and Information Skills module

Using information in your assignments

Make use of the information in your assignments, but make sure you cite and reference it correctly, to avoid plagiarism.

There are many different styles you can use to cite your references. In the first instance, check your course or module handbook for guidance on which style to use. There is also a variety of referencing software that you could use: EndNote, Zotero, Zotero Bib and Mendeley

These tools can be used to store, manage and organise your references. You can also cite in your document and build your bibliography.

Find out more about Citing and Referencing Information on this module. 


Planning and managing your assignments

The Birkbeck Study Skills has a wealth of support and guidance relating to all aspects of study. See the Starting Out section for guidance on time management and planning for your assignments. Please note that only current Birkbeck students can access this resource. 

Apps that can help you manage your assignments

The Birkbeck Library workshop on Organising and time management tools: for study looked at how online tools like Mendeley, Claro Capture, Trello and Evernote can assist you with organising your study and meeting your deadlines. 

The presentations slides are given below: