Library and Information Skills module

Evaluating information

Navigate and evaluate the results to ensure they help you address and answer your question. Work through the following checklist when evaluating the information you have found to decide whether it is suitable to include in your work.

Evaluating information checklist 


Fake news, filter bubbles and algorithms... the effect on finding reliable information

This information is taken from one of the Library's Saturday workshops. It looks at the issue of finding reliable information in a post-truth society where fake news is prevalent and filter bubbles, algorithms shape the way information is presented to us. 

The effect of the following on finding reliable information was considered during the session:

  • Confirmation bias, echo chambers, personalisation
  • Filter bubbles and algorithms
  • Fake news

Ways to navigate and evaluate information in the academic context and beyond was also considered, putting our critical thinking skills into action.


Additional Resources


Critical thinking and Critical Reading

Critical thinking and critical reading workshop (February 2019) Powerpoint icon
Download the presentation slides for this workshop.