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    Turnitin for iPad allows instructors to grade student papers with all the favorite Turnitin features, on your iPad with the added benefit of grading offline

    Turnitin for iPad includes automated originality feedback and allows you to leave the following types of feedback on student papers:

    • QuickMark® comments with personalized comments
    • Highlights with comments
    • Bubble comments
    • Inline comments
    • Strikethrough text
    • Voice comments
    • General comments
    • Rubric grading

    For more information about the Turnitin for iPad app see: http://turnitin.com/en_us/what-we-offer/ipad 

    Getting started

    Turnitin for iPad is available as a free download in the App Store

    • Once downloaded to your iPad, click on the Turnitin icon to open the app. 
    • Before you can use the app you will need to generate a 'class access code'

    After downloading the app, go to your general iPad settings, find the Turnitin icon and select 'Feedback Studio UK' under 'service'.

    The LMS generated codes comprise several sequences of four letters separated by spaces, but that on entering the code when you add classes in the app, the spaces should be omitted.

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